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Secure Content

Avoco Secure offer 2 applications for securing content in an information centric manner that is persistent throughout the lifecycle of the information.

secure2trust – to protect the content of documents such as Microsoft office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

secure2email – to protect the content of emails created using Microsoft Outlook

These applications offer the following benefits:

  • Protection of sensitive and commercial information in a persistent manner. The protection staying with the content no matter whether at rest, in motion, or in use.
  • Support of a variety of identity and authentication methods that allow you to directly link an access control and usage policy to an individual or group – identity awareness
  • Protection applied at document creation with no change to the document format or how a user works with a document
  • Easy enterprise setup and use with the offering of automated and invisible to the end user, security policy application
  • Support for tying the geographic location of a user to the access of content
  • Indelible watermarking of documents to identify to the user the purpose of the document 
  • Integration, via API, or standalone product, with third party applications such as enterprise content management systems, online portals, Cloud applications, virtual environments, etc.

Our secure content solutions work with the following applications:

  1. Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe Reader - secure2trust which allows you to add access control and usage policies to content created using these applications. For example, protect access and use of contracts, manufacturing information, financial details, personal information records, etc.
  2. Microsoft Office Outlook – secure2email which allows you to add access control and usage policies to emails created using Outlook. Protected emails can be received using any email client.
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