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Avoco Secure Product Range

Avoco Secure offer award winning applications.


Avoco Secure have two product streams:

  1. Managed Identities

    Avoco offer several variants of Identity Providers (IDP). Each enables you to issue and manage online digital identities which are user centric, privacy enabled, simple to deploy in the cloud, or a local network, totally customisable and scalable to millions of users. Information Card (WS- Trust), Saml and OpenID digital identities are all supported by Avoco identity services. These services are based on an attribute/claims based architecture. The issued identities can be used with many types of credential including social network federated login, digital certificates, Mobile phone SMS text, username and password, etc.

    A service to issue and manage online digital identities that can then be used to access online services, secure documents and sign HTML web forms.

    Avoco Cloud identities are well suited for use in the following general areas:

    Authentication: This means identifying a user and can be achieved with a high level of assurance through the use of verified claims / claims provided by a trusted third party.

    Authorisation: This is the process of giving the identified user access to specific resources, such as web pages, services, documents etc. This would be achieved on the basis of the relevant user claim values.

    Supplying verified user information in realtime: For example is the user currently licensed to practise medicine, does the user hold a valid driving license, what is the user's current credit rating, etc.

    Confirming user data without revealing the data: In this case yes / no type answers are required about the user, such as is the user over 55 years old?

    Avoco's Cloud Identities can be used in services for E-Commerce provided by Government, Heath Providers, Banks, Mobile Operators and deployed in Enterprises.


  1. Avoco Cloud Identities may be linked to any on-line payment system to facilitate a smooth, secure transaction that promotes and enhances consumer confidence.

    In avoiding fraudulent transactions, obtaining true user identification is the first problem that arises in e-commerce applications. This problem is eliminated through the use of a Verified Avoco Cloud Identity for user identification.

    The second issue arises in handling of user bank or credit details. Through use of a variable claim the user is not required to enter bank or card details, or account passwords; in this way serious risks to the security of the user's account are eliminated:

    • No account details (password, etc.) are entered or sent over the wire.
    • The e-commerce site no longer has to collect or hold this information, eliminating subsequent accidental or deliberate unauthorised use of the card or account.
    • Man-in-the-middle attacks are not feasible.
    • Malware on the user's device cannot be used to steal account details.

    The use of cloud identities also facilitates user registration - users aren't required to type in their details, as these are carried by their identity.

    Avoco’s worldwide patents (pending) cover many of the processes and features that the IDP services incorporate.

avocosecure secure managed cardspace at secure2cardspace.comTo learn more about Avoco Identities click on the button to go to the identity page.

  1. Content Signing (secure2sign) : Our content signing products allow users to apply their digital signatures to content such as web forms and Microsoft Word and Excel documents and spreadsheets. Secure Content (secure2trust and secure2email): Our secure content solutions control the use of the content within documents and emails, as they are created. Controlling access to the document itself (and then whatcan be done with the content after access (e.g. prevent copying content, printing, set watermarks, etc.). Content access can be controlled using a multitude of supported credentials including Active Directory, digital certificate, Information Card and additional controls such as geographic location can be applied.


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