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digitally sign word or excel documents with avoco secure2sign and a digital certificate, secure2sign and secure2sign xl support multiple signitures and certificate revocation checking

Content Signing

Avoco Secure have a suite of products that allow you to add digital signatures to content.

These products offer the following benefits:

  • Digitization of business processes: Replace the process of applying a wet-signature to a document or form to help in  the creation of fully digitized business processes
  • Non- repudiation: Act as a measure of non-repudiation for signed documents and forms
  • Document integrity assurance: Reflect any changes made to an assigned document or form, after a signature has been applied

Our Content Signing solutions work with the following applications:

  1. Microsoft Word– secure2sign for Word allows you to digitally sign Word documents and forms, for example, contracts, invoices, sales agreements, etc. NOTE: A digital certificate is required with this product to identify the person signing the document.
  2. Microsoft Excel – secure2signXL for Excel spreadsheets allows you to digitally sign Excel spreadsheets, for example, expense forms, management accounts, etc. NOTE: A digital certificate is required with this product to identify the person signing the spreadsheet.
  3. Web forms – secure2signHTM is a plug in into the Internet Explorer browser, which allows users to digitally sign HTML and xHTML web forms. This tool allows an organisation to create very easy to use and zero footprint signature portals, for example for digitally signing insurance claim forms, mortgage applications, etc.
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