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Create and Manage your own Digital Identities with Avoco Secure’s Identity Provider

The Avoco Identity Provider (IDP) enables you to issue and manage online digital identities which are user centric, privacy enabled, simple to deploy in the cloud, or a local network, totally customisable and scalable to millions of users. Saml, OpenID and Information Card digital identities are all supported by Avoco identity services.

Avoco CloudCard is the world's first identity and attribute selector that can be deployed in the Cloud, enabling you to manage and use your Identities and attributes from any device with a browser, wherever you are. It offers federated logon to the service from multiple sources. National IDs that use PKI, voice biometrics, OTP e.g. SMS one time password, Secret questions, Social network logon e.g. Google, Facebook...and many more authentication options.

The ability to provide low cost, reusable federated logon to online services can be delivered, which incorporates the ability to supply valuable, verified attributes or claims to the services users’ access. The provision of these attributes is done via user consent and control. If so desired the Avoco IDP provides the capability to eliminate passwords, making this a single click experience for a user.

Not only does the identity provide authentication but they also can be used with verification services to provide a verified identity, assuring you that the individual’s attribute are current . In addition, they can enable add value services like mobile payments, or user controlled provision of attributes. Attributes can be dynamic like a credit rating, e-Bay trust rating, change of address, etc.User consent to the supply of attributes to service providers is part of the user centric nature of the Avoco Cloud identity.

Importantly, online services have the ability to request verified attributes, obtain user consent and specify the security levels and authentication that they require. This not only protects the service itself but also the user of the services.

Privacy is a key component of these user centric identities. Are you worried that you could be tracked by the social networks if you sign in to the identity services with their credentials? Don’t be, they cannot track you, but the service can use the attributes you hold in these services to create your account or supply attributes to service providers. Service providers can enable users to enter the website with zero impact to a user if they are already logged into their social network. Only stepping up the authentication to another level when it is required by adding secret questions, OTP/ out of wallet questions, biometric etc. The Avoco IdP and Cloud Selector, have incorporated the ability to prevent phishing and man in the middle browser attacks.

Ultimatley, Avoco has the unique ability of combining social network attributes and verified third party attributes, to enhance the trust levels of user centric identity, offering the user and the service increasing levels of assurance.

The Avoco Secure Identity Providers are actually designed as an out-of-the-box solution to allow governments, enterprises, etc., to issue and manage their userbase identities. This could be as a managed service in the cloud, or in house deployment. An Avoco Secure Identity Provider could be used by any commercial organisation that wants to issue managed identities and requires a simple yet powerful solution that supports a wide range of authentication and permits extensive customisation e.g. branding, issuance of Id’s containing custom attributes, etc.

Because of the built in scalability of the Avoco IdP, it is a perfect choice for issuing online citizen/consumer identity.

Features of the Avoco Secure Identity Provider

  • Simple to install on either a Windows or Unix-type server.
  • Selectable authentication and federated logon to the service from multiple sources. National IDs that use PKI, voice biometrics, OPT e.g. SMS one time password, Secret questions, Social network logon e.g. Google, Facebook...and many more authentication options.
  • User experience screens are fully customisable for branding, etc.
  • Custom attributes may be added e.g. user security clearance level.
  • Supports identity revocation.
  • Highly scalable to millions of users.
  • May be deployed for access from the Internet, cloud or a corporate Intranet.
  • No data is stored on user local devices avoiding the risk associated with either compromised devices or their theft.
  • No download required to desktop, mobile phone, Ipad etc -making life simple for the use, eliminating the risk of rogue apps, reduces support.
  • The IdP’s support the integration of third party attribute service providers and authentication services using standard web protocols.

Technology protocol support includes Saml1.01, Saml2.0, OpenID 20 and WS Trust.
For further details on the Avoco Secure products, please contact info at avocosecure.com                  
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