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Alliance and Technology Partners

Find hardware and software companies whose products complement secure2trust software in addressing your solution needs.

Services Partners

Identify systems integrators or consultants who customise and integrate secure2trust and provide solutions to end users.


Locate software companies that supply business applications to target markets. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) may embed secure2trust software invisibly to the end user. secure2trust is a value-added component to ISVs' core business software applications.

Avoco Secure work with a global network of qualified value-added resellers. These channel partners can supply a customer with local support and professional services.

Partnering with Avoco Secure gives our partners the ability to offer the industry’s premier solutions.

Contact: info@avocosecure.com with partners in the subject line.


atlas consortium and avocosecure
Atlas Consortium - Defence Information Infrastructure (DII)

Avoco Secure is an Atlas Consortium accredited supplier for the DII(F) program.

ATLAS is a consortium of five major companies, each a clear leader in its field, with broad experience of working in long-term partnerships with the MoD and other Government Departments to deliver, highly complex programmes, such as DTI, AFPAA and HMC&E. All members have mature, dedicated Defence business units and unique, direct involvement in many of the existing business and battlespace systems that will be affected by DII(F).

• Fujitsu
• General Dynamics
• LogicaCMG
• EADS Defence & Security Systems

The DII(F) project will replace numerous individual information systems throughout the MoD with a single, more efficient information infrastructure. It will also allow many of the defence efficiency measures under the Defence Change Programme to be implemented.
These include network-enabled capability (NEC) - the ability to improve the capability of the armed forces through a single network of information announced in the recent Defence White Paper.

DII(F) will provide end to end connectivity into the operational arena by interfacing with battlespace systems enabling significantly improved sharing of information between Headquarters, the front line and its battlefield support. Most importantly DII(F) will enable the much needed 'collaborative working' and greater interoperability between MoD and its coalition partners, allowing more effective operational support than is currently available.




citi partner of avocosecure


Avoco Secure’s partnership with Citi provides customers with a platform for secure document workflow and secure signing of high value transactions leveraging Citi issued digital credentials.  The combination of Avoco’s award winning digital protection and signing solutions and Citi credentials allows our mutual customers to expand their business reach without worry – expediting business processes, sharing more information with partners and customers around the world, protecting company resources - all the while reducing the cost of doing business.

Download the Citi brochure citi_pdf


AXSionics AG

AXSionics provides a new biometric platform for end-point authentication and transaction security AXSionics provides a fully mobile, biometrically secured and privacy protecting platform for end-point-authentication and transaction security. The AXSionics Authentication System defines the access to Virtual and Physical assets and makes the cyberspace a trustful environment.




IBM partner


IBM strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, network systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

They translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through their professional solutions and services businesses worldwide.



IdenTrust avocosecure partner


Identrust is the global leader in trusted identity solutions, recognised by global financial institutions, government agencies and departments, and commercial organisations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication; work interoperably with countries around the world; minimize investment in creating their own policies and legal frameworks; and deploy a spectrum of products insuring trust.


IdenTrust Trust Sign-Avoco Secure Partner Solution

The flash demo illustrates how IdenTrust, together with its Trusted Partners Avoco Secure, provide a compelling solution for enabling a paperless environment. The example shows the secure creation, access, and digital signature acceptance of an e-invoice. IdenTrust provides the trusted identity solutions, which Avoco Secure enables and uses, to secure and control communications and add digital signatures to documents.



Avoco Secure’s secure and flexible technology which is built on the .NET® platform provides a unique level of protection throughout an enterprise and solves the information protection challenges that corporations face.

secure2trust enables Microsoft® Share Point® 2003 with Secure and Trust Rights Management.

secure2trust also provides a Secure and Trusted Rights Management to the Microsoft® desktop.


Avoco Secure is a member of the Microsoft® SecureIT alliance

Microsoft® has announced the creation of the SecureIT Alliance, a group of industry partners that are working together to develop security solutions for the Microsoft® platform. The SecureIT Alliance unites and expands various security and Internet safety partnerships Microsoft® currently has with other industry leaders and governments.



 Content and Code

Content and Code specialise in delivering online tools to empower collaboration between your employees, partners, and customers. Their advanced systems enable non-technical users within your organisation to manage intranet and website content.

As a leading provider of information management solutions, Content and Code's products are designed to reduce the total cost of implementation and ensure a timely and successful delivery. Their robust business solutions use Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server®, Microsoft® Content Management Server® and other related Microsoft® .NET® technologies. With a focus on the overall business and strategic objectives of theirclients, they offer a full range of professional consulting services designed to deliver a seamless and successful implementation. As a Microsoft® Gold Partner, we have become a leading supplier of Microsoft® .NET® Technologies including:
* Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server®
* Microsoft® Content Management Server®
Clients choose Content and Code for our Quality of Service and ability to deliver high speed and low cost installations.

For more information about Content and Code visit www.contentandcode.com/ For direct links to secure2trust at Content and Code visit contentandcode/Avoco


Please contact Avoco Secure for a more complete list of partners including resellers and VAR’s in a region.

Contact: info@avocosecure.com

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