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secureing and contoling data in the cloud with secure2trust p2p protection. Avoco secure provides dynamic data protection for cloud computing, using strong encryption and multiple authentication options

Securing Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing is fast becoming a reality for many organisations of all sizes because it offers a convenient way of storing and accessing data. The exact definition of Cloud computing varies but, in general, the use of the term Cloud can be taken to mean internet based applications and data. This can include internet based applications that create data, such as Google Apps or internet based repositories for data such as data centers. You can also add into this mix, hosted document portals such as Microsoft Office Live and even internet based email accounts.

Avocosecure and cloud computing, protecting the cloud

Avoco Secure products can be used both on the desktop and on a Cloud platform, ensuring that no matter where your data moves to, from, or through, it will be protected and under your organisation’s control.

One of the main concerns that many organisation have about creating, storing or moving data through the Cloud is that the administrators of the Cloud systems (for example data center administrators) will have access to their sensitive information. If you use secure2trust to protect that information when it is created, only users that you specify will be able to access the information and even after access, policies will control how they use that information.

The key to making the transition between the desktop and the Cloud is the architecture of secure2trust which does not rely on a link to a license server, instead secure2trust encapsulates the security policy within the document itself, creating a free moving, but secure document – wherever a document can go, so too will the protection policy.

Signing Content in the Cloud

Internet portals that allow an organisation to easily disseminate and share forms and contracts with partners and customers, creates  a more green, streamlined and cost effective business model. Avoco Secure content signing products, offer the ability to create online signature portals, that can be used to make the signing process simple and streamlined.

secure2signonline signing documents online through a web interface using digital signitures and avocosecure2sign

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