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Securing Data in Online Document Collaboration Portals

Online collaboration portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Finsoft CBP, Capterra HyperOffice, etc., are ideal platforms for distributing and sharing documents between geographically dispersed individuals and companies.  These portals generally use some form of access control list to control who can access a document within a given area of the portal. However, once the document has been accessed no further security policies are applied. This means that a user could copy the content of the document and paste it into emails, blogs, wiki’s etc., and even save a copy of that document to the desktop to distribute to unauthorised users.

secure2trust can be used to add an additional layer of security onto a document at the content level, augmenting the access control inherent in the portal to provide an additional level of access control and to ensure that the user can be prevented from copying content from the document even if that document is saved outside of the portal. secure2trust can also ensure that if a document is allowed to be saved outside of the portal, that it cannot be accessed by anyone other that specified users, secure2trust can even specify that a document can only be accessed in a certain geographic location.

In addition, secure2trust allows your organisation to track what a user does with a document, including auditing who accessed a document and when the access was made. secure2trust also logs if the user then copied or printed the document and any file save attempts made.

secure2trust can apply and enforce these additional security policy layers either as a standalone application or as an integrated component of the portal itself, automatically applying protection policies on documents as they are uploaded to or downloaded from, the portal.

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