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Securing Documents in an Enterprise Content Management System

Enterprise content management systems are widely used by organizations to control document versions, store archived documents, share and collaborate on documents and automate many other document related tasks.

secure2trust can add additional functionality into ECM systems such as IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, OpenText, etc. so that you can secure and track a document at the content level. secure2trust can be fully integrated into a ECM system to apply additional access control measures such as digital certificate or Windows CardSpace access, and to apply security policies to document usage such as no copying content, no printing, date restrictions on access, etc. In addition watermarks can be applied to documents to identify their use.

Integration into the ECM system can be performed at any appropriate juncture, including, upload of documents, download of documents, movement to different areas in the system (including into archiving components). Integration with workflow engines can provide a seamless mechanism for applying dynamic access control and usage rights on documents, that reflect the security requirements of the lifecycle stage of the document.

Once applied secure2trust protection policies are persistent and work across perimeters and firewalls to ensure that your organisations sensitive information is secured, yet still usable.

For further information on integrating secure2trust with an ECM system please contact info@avocosecure.com



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