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Protect, Control and Track Data In Motion, at Rest and in Use with avoco secures enterprise digital rights management solution secure2trust. Avocosecure provides dynamic data security for the new world

Secure Content Solutions

Avoco Secure’s content security solutions have been designed to be part of an overall solution that can be used to ensure that your corporate information is secured, providing a method of ensuring data integrity and protection of intellectual property.
Our secure2trust product can be used as a component of many different types of systems, including online document collaboration portals, enterprise content management systems, business process management systems, data leakage prevention solutions, etc. to provide content level protection that ensures access and use of the content of a document is controlled.
Avoco Secure provide an API that is extremely easy to integrate with any appropriate system, to add the additional functionality into that system, needed to ensure persistent and robust content level security policy application and enforcement.

Click on the links for a number of examples of the use of secure2trust within various applications.


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avocosecure layout bottom left graphic Avoco is a company specilising in doucment security and document signing Avoco Secure products can be used in many ways with Microsoft’s own solutions and products to add extra functionality