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Avoco Secure and Microsoft Building Solutions

Avoco Secure’s products are designed to work with many of the applications and platforms within the Microsoft ecosystem. Avoco Secure’s approach to securing and signing content in an information centric manner,  provides complementary functionality to Microsoft. Together, Avoco Secure’s solutions and Microsoft’s applications and platforms provide a powerful combination and solution to the data security needs of the modern enterprise.
The following areas are supported by the Avoco product range but this  list in not exhaustive and please contact us for up to the minute information on how Avoco Secure can benefit your Microsoft solutions.

Content Security Solutions:

SharePoint and secure2trust

secure2trust can be intrinsically integrated into SharePoint to add additional layers of access control at the content level. This control goes beyond the document library access control so that documents will still be controlled outside of the SharePoint environment, preventing the loss of information once it has been downloaded from the SharePoint server.

Office Live and secure2trust

secure2trust can be used as a standalone module to protect documents that you upload and share through Office Live, ensuring that contracts, invoices, forms, etc. are secure and accessed only by those users you wish to allow access to. In addition, you can control what can be done with those documents after access, including restrict the date and times which they can be accessed and adding a watermark to the documents.


Windows CardSpace and secure2trust #

secure2trust supports the use of Windows CardSpace digital ID system, so that document access is controlled by the users ownership of a specified CardSpace card.
Managed cards are also supported so that your organisation can issue a Windows card Space to your user and only that CardSpace Card can be used to access documents that you protect.

Windows 7 Operating System Senor and Geo-location Platform and secure2trust

secure2trust support the use of GPS to control access to a document based on geographic location in line with the geo-location Platform built into the next release of Microsoft Windows. In addition secure2trust has support for the use of multi-touch. A full demo of secure2trust using these new functions in Windows 7 can be seen here: Windows 7 Demo.

Microsoft Office Documents and secure2trust

secure2trust allows you to control access to Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and to apply security policies to those documents to control how they are used.

Server 2000/2003/2008 Active Directory and secure2trust:

Applying and enforcing security policies. Automatically apply security policies to documents as they are created by your Active Directory users. Control access to documents based on Active Directory membership and then apply security policies on a per user basis, based on Active Directory membership, for example, Active Directory member A can make changes and save the document (but not copy the content) whereas Active Directory group B can access the document but it will be read only.

Microsoft RMS and secure2trust

secure2trust can add additional layers of access control to Microsoft RMS giving you the options to create very secure multi-factor authentication document packages, ideal for information that is particularly sensitive and requires that a user has to have several methods of identifying that they are who they say they are before accessing a document.

Content Signing Solutions

SharePoint and secure2sign

SharePoint can be used to create secure signing portals. Making paper based processes electronic, is often dependent on adding digital signatures to those documents. A barrier to full digitisation, is the need to make the singing process electronic, whilst retaining the same level of legality that a wet signature would have.
Avoco Secure’s secure2sign product can be used with SharePoint, to share Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents and spreadsheets and to digitally sign those documents in a secure and legally binding manner allowing you to share contracts, forms, invoices, etc

Windows Card Space and secure2signHTM

secure2signHTM allows you to identify a user based on their Windows CardSpace card, allowing them to digitally sign web forms using that Card,  in an easy manner whilst assuring non-repudiation.

Microsoft Office Documents and secure2sign

Allows you to digitally sign and time-stamp the content of Microsoft Office Word and Excel


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