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Avoco secure and GPS controlling access to hightly confidential information so that it can be opened in specific locations, secure2trust incorporates GPS document protection or Gps location based protection with enterprise rights management

Making your Documents Location Aware

The geographic location of a user can be vital when it comes to deciding if they are allowed to access a sensitive document or not. Many documents are location sensitive, in that certain jurisdictions may pose issues over the disclosure of information and as such, control over the access and use of documents within certain geographic locations may need to be disallowed.

secure2trust, uniquely offers a mechanism, for ensuring that documents can only be accessed from a specified geographic location. This means that you can protect a document so that users can only access that document if they can positively identify, using GPS, that they are in that given specified location: If not, access will be denied. This is done at the document content level and so even if the document is removed from the original system used to distribute the document, it will still be location aware.

Protection of the document is through either the standalone secure2trust interface or via our API integrated into another system such as an online document collaboration portal.

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