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Go Green with avocosecure digital signing and security solutions

Technology Applications of Avoco Secure Products

Avoco Secure products have been designed to be used as both:

  • standalone applications, offering security policy creation and enforcement, as well as digital signing solutions, at the content centric level
  • integrated components of broader solutions such as business process security, including data leakage prevention and extended enterprise data entitlement

The application area for Avoco Secure’s products is varied and crosses many organisation types and size. Avoco Secure applications give any size enterprise a method of ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their information no matter how or with whom, that information is used and shared. The Avoco products add benefit from the desktop outwards, across networks, portals, document management systems and into a Cloud environment. Whether you choose to integrate the Avoco products into another third party application, or use them as applications in their own right, you can be sure that Avoco will provide solutions to make your business processes safe and secure.

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avocosecure layout bottom left graphic Avoco is a company specilising in doucment security and document signing Avoco Secure products can be used in many ways with Microsoft’s own solutions and products to add extra functionality