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alliance trust investor
ALLIANCE TRUST EQUITY PARTNERS ("ATEP") is the private equity division of Alliance Trust PLC. ATEP manages third party funds and invests on behalf Alliance Trust PLC. ATEP invests both directly in venture capital situations and also into funds private equity funds using a partnership approach.

ATEP's direct investments in venture capital target early stage, high growth, technology opportunities with a focus on enterprise software and healthcare companies based in the United Kingdom. ATEP has the ability to be flexible in structuring investments and will typically lead or co-lead transactions.

etv capital investor
ETV CAPITAL S.A. was set up in November 2003 to acquire GATX Capital Inc.'s share of the venture debt portfolio that had been built up by the GATX ETV partnership. This UK partnership had been established by GATX and by European Technology Ventures Ltd. in 2000, to introduce venture finance into the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe. The partnership was active for a three year period, beginning in April 2000 and ending in April 2003. It made over twenty loans to fast growing, venture capital backed information technology and life science companies in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Finland. The face value of the loans made by the GATX ETV partnership was in excess of $48,000,000. ETV CAPITAL S.A. acquired GATX Capital's share of this venture debt book in November 2003.

Since this acquisition, ETV CAPITAL S.A. has been active in the growing venture debt market across Europe, adding to the portfolio of loans that it acquired from GATX.

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