Avoco Banner information rights management, Secure collaboration, authentication, enables corporate , integration with sharepoint, rms, enterprise right management system compatable with rms
Ensure only the right person can access your data with s2t secure2trust, Sign and validate validate signitures with documents with secure2sign and Protect control data in motion rest and in use



  • David Hooker Chairman: was previously Chairman of Bakyrchik Gold, GoshawK Insurance Plc (LSE) and is currently a non-executive director of Oceaneering International Inc (NYSE) and Aminex Plc (LSE). He brings extensive business experience in both the US and international arenas.

  • Gerry O’Brien (Founder) CEO & Sales Director: and previously Sales Director for Unicorn, Cognos, Kalido - 25 years in software sales.

  • Sandy Porter (Founder) Strategy and Business Development Director: and previously CEO & Business Development Director for Global Network Security Solutions, Business Development Director for Grafix Tracking Systems - 15 years DRM.

  • Susan Morrow (Founder) Product Development Director: and previously MD & Product Development Director for Adhaero Technologies Ltd and HM software Ltd - 15 years DRM.

  • Neil Girkins Non Executive: Formally Executive Chairman Adet Seward SA Bordeaux-France and also former Non Executive Chairman Casella Far East Limited-Hong Kong. He brings considerable trading expertise in the Middle, Far East and Australasia.

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avocosecure layout bottom left graphic Avoco is a company specilising in doucment security and document signing Avoco Secure products can be used in many ways with Microsoft’s own solutions and products to add extra functionality