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About Avoco Secure

Avoco Secure is an innovation company whose areas of focus are solutions for cloud identity, security, and privacy.

Avoco Secure products provide individuals with verified user controlled identities that can be used to access online services. Avoco Secure powered identity services are being deployed for National government online services. Avoco Secure products enable the services to identify users in a secure and easy to use manner. Key to such services is the scalability of the software and the ability to provided verified identities and information. Avoco Secure products are used to drive down the cost of providing these identity and verification services.

Using an Avoco Secure identity, you can access online services from iPads, mobile phones, PCs etc. in a simple, secure and easy to use way. Users can seamlessly log in and send data to online services. This is done in a secure manner that both mirrors and extends their everyday experience with social networks and webmail. Avoco solutions are user centric, enhanced by security and incorporate privacy by design.

Avoco Secure has a working relationship with a number of strategic partners and we are providing solutions to the global market both directly and indirectly through partnerships.

The headquarters of Avoco Secure and our development centre are both located in the UK. Avoco Secure’s highly experienced software development team provides extensive support via our partners and directly to customers.

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avocosecure layout bottom left graphic Avoco is a company specilising in doucment security and document signing Avoco Secure products can be used in many ways with Microsoft’s own solutions and products to add extra functionality